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Debtor Education Online

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Debtor Education

As part of bankruptcy, people are required to take a personal financial management course.

WHEN:  The course must be completed after filing for bankruptcy.

TOPICS:  The course covers budgeting, managing money, using credit, consumer resources, and coping with an unexpected financial crisis.

PROVIDERS:  Any approved provider can be used. You do not have to use the same provider you used for credit counseling.

CERTIFICATE:  Debtors receive a certificate of completion and should file paperwork with the court after finishing.

Debtor Education a Personal Financial Management Course

If you need to complete a debtor education personal financial management course prior to discharge of debts in bankruptcy, Dalton Education (DE) is pleased to provide our e-Personal Financial Management Course. This is an online self study course, which is approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005. Satisfy the bankruptcy education requirement from the comfort of your home or office.  Take the online Self-Study course today!

Benefits of the course are:

  • An easy to use online course available 24/7.
  • Complete the course on your schedule, either all at once or take your time.
  • A 25-question true/false test that cannot be failed.
  • Certificates emailed or faxed to you or your attorney.
  • Dalton Education offers this course for free - $0.  This includes the cost of certificate generation.
  • Receive worksheets, techniques and valuable lessons to maximize your savings, progress towards financial goals and properly manage amount of debt. 
  • Completing the debtor education course will satisfy your education requirement needed for bankruptcy discharge.